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1999 - 2024

I didn't know Omar very well but when I did meet him a couple of times he seemed very easy to talk to He was very respectful a good looking young man with a great smile he will be truly missed

Posted by Lorraine fosco on July 8, 2024

your gonna be missed omar!

Posted by Stephanie Jeffery-Dexter on July 8, 2024

You came to visit us for the first time and walked into our yard full of wonder, eyes wide open, yet quiet, shy, and very curious. You were small for your age, tiny, like a peanut. Despite the language barrier, you opened up and bonded with my daughters - your cousins, much like you already had with your sister, all understanding each other through the universal language of child’s play. As you grew, you four cousins looked forward to your time together. The 4 Musketeers. You would run off together to ride the latest ride at Disney, slide down the steep hills in our back yard, splash in the pool, or retreat to your garage leaving it looking like Santa’s sleigh had crashed. You rode on the Matterhorn with me when everyone else was tired of it. Or maybe I rode with you because you wanted to go again. Either way, we had lot of fun. And of course, the annual photo of the 4 of you with your biggest present on Christmas morning. Your mom and dad worried about you when they left you with the staff at Club Mickey, and how you would possibly get along with unfamiliar people. They couldn’t stand it anymore and went to check on you. Their fears turned to how they would get you out of there to come spend time with the family. Your independence was forged. You and your sister scrapped at times. That’s okay, that’s what siblings do, just like your mom and I did. But your big sister always had your back. And when you got bigger than her, you had her back. And again, that’s what siblings do. You grew into the man you became through all your experiences. You came camping with us at Moose River, and we all had a blast floating lazily in inner tubes on Ice House Pond. You came to my house and helped me build things out in the woods. I can’t help looking at the crooked siding on the outhouse without thinking of you and smiling. Your dad was proud to have you at his side at the museum, and your mom loved sharing with you everything she loves about Massawepie. Your grandma loved few things more than sharing a grilled hot dog with you at a picnic, anytime, anywhere. And I was a proud uncle who would brag to my colleagues at work about my nephew who was certified to dive deeper than most. You promised me that one day you would help me get my dive certification and then show me the ropes. I’m sorry I never made that happen. I looked forward to helping you learn to fly airplanes. You would’ve been a great pilot. Oh Omar, it’s too soon. Way to soon. Our memories of you will last a lifetime. Rest in Peace Peanut.

Posted by David B Hakes on July 8, 2024

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